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January 2020 - "A Goblin Chamber" first LIVE concert will be at Lula Lounge on January 30. We will play the whole album! Event info here
January 2020 - "A Goblin Chamber" Album launch will be at the Italian Institute of Culture on January 22. I will perform a few tunes with the string quartet. Event info here
January 2020 - "More rehearsal sessions with the string quartet. Everything sounds great! I really like this new project, hope it will go far away.
December 18 2019 - "A Goblin Chamber" LP's arrived! Picked up at the factory in Toronto. Shipping starts tomorrow.
December 17 2019 - First session of rehearsal with the string quartet for live performance. Met for the firt time the players: Aline Homzy, Natalie Wong, Laurence Schaufele, Sebastian Ostertag.
December 6 2019 - Test pressing arrived and checked. Sound is perfect.
November 2019 - "A Goblin Chamber" CD's arrived! Looking great. Now waiting for Vinyl Test Pressing. I printed some t-shirts too.
October 2019 - Mix Ready! Mastering Ready! Artwork and Cover Ready! Ready to go. Some Live Score touring in October. 2 Screening at the Salem Horror Festival, then Dallas, Austin and three shows in Maryland. Performed Nosferatu at the American Film Institute in Silver Sprintg for the first time.
September 2019 - "A Goblin's Chamber": Started Mixing. Everything sounds great!
August 2019 - "A Goblin's Chamber": Album artwork ready. Recorded the percussion
August 2019 - Since the planned Goblin November Tour has been canceled, I'll start the final phase to finalize my new Album "A Goblin's Chamber"
April 2019 - My score for the feature film CherryPicker is done and being mixed. The movie is in post production.
March 2019 - Started booking some more Inferno screenings for the Fall 2019.
February 2019 - The Mask of the Red Death / Berenice has been released by Cadabra Records.
January 2019 - No Goblin live activity for a while, so finally I can find some time to finalize my new studio albums. One will include Goblin repertoire rearranged and with some orchestral elements added, the other is an EP with 4 brand new tunes. Hope both will be released this year.
December 2018 - New Goblin Album "Fearless" released. We managed to do it by the end of 2018, so it's actually the 40th anniversary of Dawn of the Dead, and not the 41st. :)
October 2018 - I am working on a challenging VR project involving live music. Musicians and listener share the audio in a virtual environment. Instruments are real implementations of musical instruments, with physical and audio behavior in the VR. Due to my limited time I had no chance to share any info and demo, but I will.
September 2018 - Always check Live Page to check what's happening on stage. Soon I will start putting together a totally new show. Details to be announced.
September 2018 - New Goblin Studio Album is Ready. It will be a Vinyl, named "Fearless", will be released hopefully in December.
August 13 2018 - Ready to go!! August 16 Goblin will come here in Toronto for an additional day of rehearsal in my studio then we will fly to Las Vegas for our performance at the Psycho Festival at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. We might record part of the rehearsal in VR.
August 7 2018 - Mix and Master for "Berenice" and "The Mask of the Red Death" ready. Cadabra records will publish the 12" Vinyl sometimes in the Fall, TBA.
July 21 2018 - Last retouch to our new Goblin Album that will be released in the Fall. At Fabio's Studio in Rome.
July 15 2018 - Performed "Dante's Inferno Live Score" at Fantasia Festival, in Montreal. Full house!! It looks like people really enjoyed. Met lots of great people at the Festival, hope to go back soon for more live performances.
June 2018 - Just finished composing and recording the soundtrack for two Edgar Allan Poe stories, "Berenice" and "The Mask of the Red Death", for Cadabra records. They will be released sometimes in the Fall.
May 2018 - No real Goblin tour this year, but on August 18 we will play at the Psycho Festival in Las Vegas!!
August 2017 - Fourth Goblin US tour announced. All over US East, West and back East. We will jump to Canada too, for a couple of shows.
May 2017 In June we will play in Sweden, Norway, Greece. Three countries we never played before!!
October - December 2016 Started working on a new project. Studio recording and live performances coming in 2017. Still "MG Circle", but totally new line up. Surprise!!
August 2016 On August 20 I will play at the 5/4 Prog Rock Festival at Lee's Palace. This time my "Maurizio Guarini Circle" will be just a duo, with the great guitar player Matt Campbell. Some backing tracks and experimental arrangements to give a different taste to some songs of my album and to other Goblin works.
March 2016 Starting my solo live project, "Maurizio Guarini Circle". Debut will be April 2nd at the Opera House in Toronto, opening for the prog band Magma. The goal of my live project, on top of playing my music, is performing live tunes that I played over the years, never played live before, and that in my opinion are worth to be shared. This will include less known Goblin works, other soundtracks that I worked on, and more.
January 2015 I started thinking to my next solo album. Temporary title is "Spare Socks", and will include new songs as well as old compositions waiting to be given life, like I did in "Creatures". For now is just an idea, no plans for release date.
January 2015 I will attend at Shock Stock in London ON on April 24/26 and probably at Hero Fest in Kingston on April 11/12. Stay tuned.
January 2015 After a few month of work we are ready to release or new Goblin Album "Four of a Kind". We went with PledgeMusic for a crowdfunding Campaign. Most likely we will sart touring in the spring presenting our album live.
August 2014 Attended at Electric Eclectics festival in Meaford to present an experiment with interaction of real midi instrument with imaginary instruments in virtual worlds. For instance, I've built a virtual environment based on Opensim 3D platform where several avatars can login and virtually play together using real midi instruments in real life.
March 2014 Third leg of tour added for March/April. Southern US from Florida to Texas to Arizona to California. Steve Moore of Zombi will join us as a second keybard player.
December 2013 Second tour of Goblin in US. This time we went through Midwest. Fabio and Agostino re-joined the band. Now we are 4/5 of the original in 1975.
August 2013 Ready for the first ever Goblin tour in North America. Tour will start in Atlanta on October 1st and end in Austin on October 27.
June 2013 Ready to fly again to Australia on July 6 for some Goblin shows. This time we'll visit New Zealand too. We'll play Suspiria (live!! in sync with the movie) in Perth and Auckland. Plus 2 shows in Melbourne and Sydney.
June 2013 Thank everybody that was at my CD Release Party and supported it. I wasn't expecting so many people. People from different music cultures (and I didn't forget to dress my show with a bit of Goblin, horror, experimental, imagination). Thanks Thanks..

May 2013 Creatures from a Drawer is downloadable from bandcamp.
May 2013 Has been delayed several time, but finally on Wednesday June 5 the CD RELEASE PARTY for my album Creatures from a Drawer will be held, location: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St W, Toronto. Most of the Album will be played live.

March 2013 On March 22 to 24 I will be attending as part of the Profane Exhibit screening and panel at the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH. My new album Creatures From a Drawer and some Goblin merch will be available for purchase.
February 2nd, 2013 - A listening Release Party in Toronto will be announced soon, and will take place around the end of February.
January 31st, 2013 My debut solo album, "Creatures from a Drawer", has been released.
The new Album can be purchased online going to the BackToTheFudda online store.
I have been working on this album since summer 2011. The album is a collection of tunes that were waiting to be realized. More info about the album and tunes preview are available at
January 31st, 2013 Website launched. First version of website is online. Lots of updates coming soon!!!
November 2012 Trip to Australia with Goblin. We performed at the Melbourne Town Hall (sold out) and I had the occasion to play live using the huge 9500 pipes Town Hall pipe organ. Two days later we performed in a movie teathre, playing live the score of Suspiria in sync with the movie. Unique experience, was the first time, people were hypnotized. Great Australian experience!
October 2012 - Second trip to Japan with Goblin, just one Year after the Prog Fest. This time I flew from Toronto and met the rest of the band directly in Tokyo (they flew from Italy). We performed at the Hibiya anphitheatre. It was a three band event, we were the headliners. Legendary Van der Graaf Generator played just before us. Again, a very positive experience in Japan after last year Prog Fest.
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