Maurizio Guarini
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Past events

2016 Aug 205/4 Prog FestivalLee's PalaceTorontoCanada
2016 Apr 1Opening for MAGMAOpera HouseTorontoCanada
2013 Jun 5CFAD ReleaseLula LoungeTorontoCanada
2009 Oct 29as OrcomutoSupermarketTorontoCanada
2009 Oct 24as Orcomuto ProgtoberfestKailash Mithal TheatreOttawaCanada
2008 Oct 24as Orcomuto After DarkBovineTorontoCanada
2008 Aug 16as OrcomutoClub SodaMontrealCanada
2008 Aug 2as Orcomuto Electric EclecticsFunny FarmsMeafordCanada
2007 Oct 27as Orcomuto Mask of BlackThe Church at BerkeleyTorontoCanada
2007 Aug 25as Goblinia Festival Of FearGladstone BallroomTorontoCanada

In 2007, a couple of years before hitting the stage with the reunited Goblin, I started a live project, a trio called Orcomuto (initially Goblinia) with Great Bob Scott and Chris Gartner, to perform live mostly Goblin repertoire. In 2013 the project evolved in a more open concept, called MG Circle, with the intent of performing with different musicians and guests time by time. Friends that shared the stage with me until now are Great Bob Scott, Chris Gartner, Matt Campbell, Cinzia Cavalieri, Coralina Cataldi Tassoni, Marcello Ciurleo, Dmitri Lesov, Igor Kurzman.

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